Nyonic Provides the Basis for Your Intelligent Transformation

Business customers can choose from a range of generic and domain-specific Industry Foundation Models (IFM), tailored in both size and data mix to suit their individual use-case.

Building Robust and Trustworthy Foundation Models

We have developed a Model Factory for Industry Foundation Models. With our Model Factory, we ensure that our models are educated to understand their industry domain in a systemic way and provide reliable results.

Careful Data Selection and Curation

For each model, we develop a knowledge strategy to guide our data selection process. We select and curate relevant data sources for industry use cases and integrate them into the pre-training & fine-tuning data.

Driving Enterprise Value Through Affordable LLMs

Our Model-as-a-Service platform allows businesses to leverage Foundation Models without hefty infrastructure costs. By weighting your data into our models, we keep finetuning costs to a minimum while guaranteeing you full data privacy.

Guaranteed Data Protection and Privacy

As our customer, you can fine-tune both our generic and vertical Industry Foundation Models with your own data. With our data and model security framework, we ensure that our customers remain in full control of their parameters.

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