Our Vision

We see a future where Foundation Models are at the heart of many industries.

We are on a mission to transform businesses into AI-empowered intelligent companies. To enable this transformation, we are providing access to Large Language Models capable of achieving multilingual proficiency and delivering optimal results for industry applications. Our approach is unique. We are teaching our models not only in natural language but also technical jargon and industrial knowledge. This enables us to create the best educated AI for industries around the globe.

Our Values

We're unendlessly curious and eager to explore the potentials of AI. We commit ourselves to constant learning, challenging our assumptions, and honing our skills. By embracing curiosity, we elevate our capabilities and achieve excellence.

We are committed to designing, developing, and deploying our AI-applications in a responsible and trustworthy way. Every foundation model we create is driven by a dual commitment – to the advancement of society and the mindful consideration of potential consequences.

We recognize that our journey is intertwined with those around us. Sharing knowledge and extending support are not just values but actions we live by. Our commitment to collaboration extends within our team and radiates outward to the wider AI-community. Through unity, we foster growth and amplify impact.

Our purpose extends beyond mere innovation – it is about forging a positive footprint on the world. With every step we take, we consider the lasting influence of our actions and technology. We want to create meaningful and lasting changes that improve the world.

Our team includes people of different genders, age groups, and ethnic backgrounds. We take pride in this diversity and see it as one of our greatest strengths. We believe that diverse perspectives make us stronger and more innovative, and we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual in our team.

We are looking for individuals that are hands-on, self-driven and willing to grow, who want to shape the future Artificial Intelligence with us.

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